The SEXTANT Group, founded in 1991 by a multi-disciplinary group of scientists, works at local, national and international levels and has increasingly specialised in research, consultancy and evaluation on the ageing of the population and the consequences for older people and health and welfare.

The SEXTANT Research Group moved to work within the Department of Health Services Management, National School of Public Health. Since 2006, it is part of the newly formed NGO, "50+Hellas" (, one of whose main aims is the planning and implementation of research concerning the ageing of the population and the health and social situation of older people. Socio-economic research on the consequences of population ageing issues is particularly critical in all countries including Greece, which have to face completely new challenges that will require new policies. The formation and implementation of effective policies needs to be based on relevant research and evaluation of the findings, and one of our aims is to provide more information to policy makers and health and social service practitioners working with older people in all sectors of Greek society to enable them to make informed decisions regarding flexible policy and practice.

The research group seeks opportunities to conduct relevant research that promotes such objectives.

Contact SEXTANT for independent and expert research and evaluation work for public and private organizations and see the following pages for details of current and past research projects in which SEXTANT has been involved or is undertaking.


For British Nationals living in Greece

Are you thinking of returning to live in the UK from Greece? If so you may be interested in participating in an ITV programme.

By the way - at "50+Hellas" we will shortly be having the web page in English too. We hope to hear from you when this is up and running - hopefully by the end of June 2008.