Sextant Maritme Services SMPC is a Greek shipbrokerage firm established in 2020, delivering professional, reliable and personalized services to global clientele. Our services encompass chartering of all tanker vessel sizes with primary focus on spot & time chartering activities, however we are very much engaged in bare-boat charters and sale & purchase projects (S&P).


Full-service shipbroker firm focusing on crude oil, dirty and clean petroleum products market covering a wide range of tanker vessels up to VLCCs.  With a real-time insight into the maritime business market, we actively work from the start to finish on our fixtures, to ensure a successful and efficient experience in each and every case.

Commercial Management

With years of valuable experience, our Operations department carefully handles the day to day requirements concerning vessels in charter. Each vessel is allocated to a member of the department and closely followed to ensure its voyage is carried out in the safest and most efficient manner. The Operations desk provides our clients with all necessary information; establishing voyage records, itinerary updates and making other relevant communications, in order to inform and assist whenever required. The Operations desk also manages invoicing and payment, as well as claims matters.


Experienced brokers and analysts offer their guidance in all forms of shipping ventures, investment opportunities and forecasting market trends.

SMS Team's goal is to provide a high quality service worldwide, being able to cover the needs of our clients, both Owners and Charterers.